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We didn’t become one of the leaders in DCC with off the shelf thinking. However, the books The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways (written by Rev. W. Awdry and George Awdry) and Sodor: Reading Between the Lines (by Christopher Awdry) make this clear. Read more… We are currently seeking a Planning & Controls Manager to support Crossrail in Programme planning for the Operations Directorate including oversight of plans and schedules as well as the co-ordination and appropriate deployment of capabilities of planning staff within the Directorate. Features included the ability to display the address selected, the inertia, the last accessory decoder used, and the time, at the press of a button. One of the founders of ZTC was employed by Hornby as a member of the Zero 1 development team. Heathrow and Swanwick Controllers can potentially earn over £100,000. NATS standard leave arrangements are 28 days per year plus public holidays.

How to turn a driver’s cab into a switchboard control panel in no time at all: If desired you have certainly always access to all control functions of your layout and you can control all objects with your +SmartHand™ handheld. The different variants of the +SmartHand™ Mobile apps can also be tried out for free. Useful for childs and visitors. In another example, the person responsible for a particular switching yard is provided only with control over those turnouts and routes, that are located in this yard.

Graphical display with self-explaining indication on the touch screen of the mobile device. Remote control of all important operational functions of TrainController™. Display of the complete train window of TrainController™. Switchboard view like in TrainController™. Separate zoom settings for train view, switchboard and menus. Future-proof thanks to software update via Internet. 1) Important Note for +SmartHand™ Mobile:Due to the unmanageable plurality of mobile devices, system variants and versions we do not warrant proper function of our +SmartHand™ Mobile on each mobile device, operating system or Web browser. The train will automatically switch into reverse when the control is turned anti-clockwise through the zero point. Reliability is enhanced by single-chip construction that cuts component count as much as 75% — which helps hold total system costs down.

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